Professional Solutions for Various Roofing and Solar Needs

Professional Solutions for Various Roofing and Solar Needs

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Commercial Roofing

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Residential Roof Replacement

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Frequently Asked Questions

A roof can cost anywhere between $8000-$20,000 it all depends on the size of your roof, as well as any extra work that needs to be done (solar panels, fascia, decking, etc).

Depending on the size of your roof, it shouldn’t take more than two days to put the entire roof on your home.

If you think you have storm damage on your roof, give us a call to come inspect and make sure there is actual damage before you contact your insurance company.

Working with your insurance provider requires some experience to assure they document everything correctly and estimate all work properly. Having a qualified, reputable company to help you navigate through the insurance process is very important. Once you file a claim on your roof (which you should consult with a roofer prior to filing claim to assure you have the proper damage but also understand the process), then insurance will schedule an insurance adjuster to come inspect the damage of your property. We always are present during these inspections and assure the damage is properly being documented by the inspector. Once inspection is done the report goes back to the desk adjuster with your insurance company to review and give a determination. Once they approve the damage they will submit you and us as your contractor the estimate to review. At that time insurance will send out an initial check payment to start the roof replacement process. We then work with you to pick shingle colors, permit docs signed and schedule the roof to be replaced. Once the roof is replaced, we will collect the initial check amount insurance sent and we will send in final documents/proof the roof has been completed and approval by the city/county permit was closed to collect the recoverable depreciation and any law and ordinance money that was held until the roof was finished. Once that final check comes in we collect that and provide the homeowner with all final documents, paid invoice, release of lien, warranties, etc.

As a company, we do not charge anything to only come do an inspection or write up an estimate for you.

We refer to a square as 100sq/ft. For every 100sq/ft it is equivalent to 1sq.

We will remove all of the old materials including: Shingles, underlayment, vents and drip edge. We inspect the wood decking for any damage, wood rot, etc and will replace sections of decking that need to be replaced. We will re-nail decking if necessary to bring back up to current florida building codes. Once decking is updated, we will install new underlayment (2 sheets of synthetic), new drip edge, new vents and reseal existing or install new wall to roof flashings. Install new starter shingles a round all eaves, and new shingles on the whole roof. Once we are done we do the final clean up and walk around.

There isn’t necessarily a better shingle brand compared to others, it is just up to preference, we use Certainteed but if you prefer another brand we can accommodate that request.