SOLAR Solar Installation

Installing solar panels on your home can save you money on

electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar Installation Process

Thinking about going solar with Sunray Roofing and Solar? The process is straightforward. First, a representative will assess your property and energy usage to determine feasibility and provide a proposal. If you decide to move forward, we will handle the design, engineering, permitting, and installation of your solar panels. After installation is complete, we setup your system app and provide ongoing monitoring to ensure everything is running smoothly.

A man on the roof of a house with solar panels.

STEP 1: Executing Contracts and Pre Qualification for Financing

STEP 2: Site Survey

This step involves assessing the site where the roofing and solar work will be done. This will involve taking photos, measurements and assessing the current home electrical boxes. We also check for any potential issues, and gathering other necessary information for engineer

STEP 3: Interconnection application

We will start your application with your current energy company to connect your solar system with your meter to allow you to receive energy credits for extra energy produced you do not use.

STEP 4: Engineering

This step involves designing and planning the roofing and solar work, including selecting materials and determining the best placement for the solar panels.

Step 5: Permitting

This step involves obtaining any necessary permits or approvals from local authorities to complete the work.

Ordering and Scheduling
This involves pre-ordering materials, scheduling our install team, and coordinating logistics for the project.

Working together with the homeowner and our install crew to assure a smooth installation process.

Once work is completed our team will do a final walk through to assure our standards are met, and confirm all necessary permit docs are posted at the site for the municipality final inspection. Once we have final approval we send that to your energy company to complete the interconnection application process. 10-14 days after that your electric company will turn on your two way meter to receive energy credits.

Enphase is a company that makes your solar energy systems. Their app allows you to monitor and keep track of your energy usage. Once your solar system is operational, we will commission your system to start generating energy to your home and we will activate your Enphase app to monitor your system.

Once final inspection is approved, we provide finance company final documentation system has been installed and ready for funding, or if project is paid in cash we collect payment in full at this time.

Permission to Operate
“Permission to Operate” refers to the authorization granted by a regulatory agency or governing body to allow a facility or system to begin operating. In the context of installing solar panels, it refers to the approval granted by the relevant authorities to allow the installation and operation of a solar panel system on a particular property. This approval may be required to ensure that the solar panel installation meets certain safety and regulatory standards, and that it does not pose any risks to the surrounding area or community.